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Stranded Deep is a survival game available on Steam’s Early Access. Its first users consider it one of the best 'early games' on the Valve platform.Once the introduction to the game ends you'll be shipwrecked on a minuscule desert island: your new home. 'This is like The Forest but at sea,' you're probably thinking. Well, you're wrong. While other similar games invite you to craft (create objects by combining materials) in a separate window, crafting in Stranded Deep takes place during the gameplay itself. Want to make a harpoon? You have to collect sticks, rocks, and rope before crouching on the shore to make your new fishing tool.'Well, I just have to craft a harpoon, catch some fish and crabs, and my life is solved'. You are wrong once again: resources in Stranded Deep are very scarce. Thus the game forces you to move from island to island. And you already know that, in a survival games, moving means exposing yourself to danger.We don't recommend you to limit yourself to swimming from island to island: sharks are your biggest enemy in this adventure. 'Fine, I get onto my raft, row, and I'll be safe.' Good try, but no: remember that we said resources were scarce? The most valuable materials are only found under the sea, usually in sunken ships. Diving for these rewards is a stressful task, however, because in the ocean you are never quite know where your next nightmare is coming from.The only problem to highlight in Stranded Deep is that the current version has little content. So, we only recommend you to download this game only if your adventurous spirit has been lit by reading this review. Islands, oceans, sharks, few resources, realistic crafting, ships, diving... Stranded Deep has enough reasons to stand out in the survival genre. Just one thing it's missing to be complete: Wilson the volleyball. '

Stranded Deep


Stranded Deep Preview 0.16.H1

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  • pieterisplaying

    door pieterisplaying

    "is goeie gewoon downloaden (no survey / virus)"

    deze spel is zo goeie dat ik hem 3 keer gedownload heb..................... Meer.

    review geplaatst op 10 januari 2017

  • stefgilissen

    door stefgilissen

    "na een tijdje het zelfde"

    weet niet of ik het leuk vind na een tijdje is het allemaal het zelfde. Meer.

    review geplaatst op 9 november 2016